Why is Workplace Collaboration So Important?

Why is Workplace Collaboration So Important?

  • 31st August 2019

As a business owner, profit is directly linked to productivity and productivity is directly linked to employee well-being. Employee wellbeing depends on providing the right working environment for your staff and so an integral part of this feedback loop is supplying a healthy working environment that helps workers collaborate easily. This can be achieved by renting high-quality office space in the beautiful surroundings at RTC Business Park.

Collaborative Creatively
Whatever the mix of personalities in your workforce – the office spaces at RTC are designed for collaborative working, and this offers many advantages. Unlike most other business parks, we offer flexible lease terms and can integrate conventional office space with industrial units, workshops or laboratories – allowing you to have all workers onsite which enables the flow of communication and collaboration to be uninterrupted.

Productivity and collaboration depends on a good working environment
Productive minds are creative minds, and creative minds collaborate at their best when working conditions are optimal. For instance: it is not just the obvious things such as a large, modern, open-plan office with well-placed furniture that your staff will benefit from, but the not so obvious more environmental factors such as lighting and a connection to nature.

Natural & Modern Features
Here at RTC Business Park, our offices are set in beautifully landscaped gardens and make maximum use of natural light – both said to increase productivity and creativity by 20%. Our offices range from 10,000 to 25,000 sq ft and offer collaborative work areas to promote fluid teamwork and idea generation opportunities. We also offer comfort cooling to keep staff comfortable in the summer months – no matter how hot our summers are likely to get.

Greeting, Meeting & Eating
This means that you can truly individuate your space to reflect your workplace and keep communication flowing between all of your employees. Likewise; a manned reception and lifts serving all floors also ensure that any visitors will receive a professional, seamless experience from the moment they arrive right up to the time they leave. With conference and meeting room rental and an on-site canteen offering hot meals and conference catering – the collaboration can continue even during eating.

Here at RTC we also offer:

● Generous sized car park
● 24-hour manned security; ensuring full control of site visitors and parking
● Mechanical and electrical maintenance costs for common services
● External building maintenance
● Buildings insurance
● Utilities and heating costs for individual suites

Based in a city central location only 9 miles from the M1, we are close to Derby Train Station and East Midlands Airport, making us perfectly placed to offer businesses great workplaces that are easy for workers, suppliers and clients to get to.

Why not see if we have a workplace to suit your businesses needs? We’re pretty sure we do.