Why RTC Business Park Should Be Your Company’s Commercial Property

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Why RTC Business Park Should Be Your Company’s Commercial Property

  • 3rd July 2020

Derby is a vibrant city with lots to offer, but isn’t seen to be quite as fashionable as London and Manchester – this puts the city in a fantastic position as you’re able to get the benefits provided by these big cities without having to pay the astronomical price tags that are associated with their office spaces. If you’re looking for commercial property to rent in Derby, RTC Business Park is probably only on your shortlist thanks to our wealth of facilities, which you can find out more about below!

1. Location

It goes without saying, but Derby’s central UK location makes it a fantastic base for any company – it gives the tenant great connections to the other big cities in the country, but is far enough removed from those to maintain a degree of calmness. Plus, there’s far less traffic to deal with!

2. Transport 

Derby is a hotspot for rail links, with fast, frequent trains to London, Newcastle and Tyneside, Scotland and the Northern Powerhouse cities all available at your doorstep. RTC is around half-a-mile from Derby Train station, and the city centre is located on the opposite side, so you’re never too far away from the action at RTC. 


If you need to move goods by road, Derby is well-placed with easy access to the M1 and the rest of the high-speed road network. For travel further afield, the East Midland Airport is less than 20 minutes away by car!

3. Facilities

RTC offers you incredible value for money, with many features included in the lease that are often excluded at other properties. Our newly refurbished offices are modern and comfortable, with kitchens, lift access, and an on-site catering service on hand. Across all our units, heat and power is included in the price you pay, meaning that’s one less thing you have to worry about paying on top of your property rental. There’s generous car parking provided, and this is protected by 24/7 security, so you won’t have to spend the night worried should you leave your car behind at work. On top of this, you’ll also have access to all of the things you’d expect to be offered such as  maintenance, groundskeeping, buildings insurance and more.

4. Flexible Leases 

At RTC Business Park, we understand that you can never quite be sure about what’s around the corner, which is why our flexible leases leave you a bit of breathing to account for what may come, whether that’s good or bad.. Our flexible leases allow you to grow and shrink your footprint as orders come and go, meaning your business will remain ready for anything that comes its way. 

5. Security

Whether it’s sensitive data, industrial secrets, expensive equipment, or protection from pesky sales reps who just won’t take “no” for an answer, you want your company premises to feel secure above all else. Our site has manned security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so even when you’re not working you can be sure we are working to keep your premises safe and secure around the clock.