Why Choose RTC Business Park?

Why Choose RTC Business Park?

  • 29th December 2016

rtc business park

As a growing, thriving business, your business needs will change. When it comes to business premises, versatility and flexibility are key. You want it to grow as you do, but it needs to be affordable.
No two businesses are the same, but there are some commonalities in the demands and needs that must be met with business premises:


– located just outside of Derby city centre, the Park is close to the main road, air and rail networks, and an essential location for many businesses. The RTC Business Park is also within easy reach of major cities, perfect for having your finger on the pulse of your business and markets.

Other businesses on the Park

– it may seem irrelevant but with a thriving business park, there is a high level of activity. It brings diverse businesses and people together. The people who are your neighbours maybe the people you need to make contact with, whether as new clients or partners to help bring a new project forward. This mutuality is how businesses grow and diversify.


– from offices to laboratories, conference rooms and meetings rooms, there is a range of units available to lease. But there are times when you also need additional space on an ad hoc or short-term basis, and this is where the hire of additional space or meeting venues is a must. There is a level of flexibility and versatility at RTC Business Park that you won’t find whilst leasing commercial property anywhere else.

The small details are taken care of

– they may be small details but they are important. Grounds’ maintenance, public areas cleaned and tidied, an on-site canteen, a twice-daily trolley service, buildings insurance and so on are all taken care of. This means you can focus on what you need to do – run, grow and build your business, without having to a different time, people and resources to cleaning and so on.

Flexible occupancy terms

– as a business, we understand that you will have overheads and costs that although essential, you want to keep to a minimum. After all, making a healthy profit means re-investing in your business. With flexible occupancy terms and rates, you can buy into the space that you need and grow your business physically by adding more office or lab space as and when you need.
RTC Business Park is a great place to work. It attracts forward-thinking businesses like yours and is an attractive environment that will help you attract the right people to work for you too.