What’s Next for Your Business?

What’s Next for Your Business?

  • 29th November 2017

expand your business

As we come to the end of another year, we often reflect on the changes and improvements we have driven forward in business. From expanding the pool of talented staff to improved profit margins, there is a lot that has gone right. Expanding your business is not just about offering more products or services, but physical expansion too. There are improved technologies that make your business more streamlined and efficient. But these too can come with a need for not just more space, but a different kind of space.

If you run your own servers, for example, the server units need to be in air-conditioned rooms. Security often needs to be improved and with not enough space to accommodate your staff, you are in danger of allowing expansion to stagger your plans.

What does this mean? What is next for your business in the coming year?

More Space

On the face of it, it may feel like you need an extra room or two and nothing more, but if you are taking the leap to find a new office or business premises, don’t just think of now, think of the future. By opting for a serviced, industrial park, you are effectively future-proofing your need for more space. Scalability is not just about growing bigger, there may be times when you streamline operations too, and you need less space.

Better Location

Your choice of business premises in the first instances probably came down to one thing: budget (or, more precisely, lack of it!). You opted for premises that were cheap. You couldn’t afford parking space and out-of-town serviced units.

But times have changed. You have a little more budget to assign to overheads such as rent, but you realise that to continue attracting and keeping hold of the right people, you not only need the right premises but the right location too.

Improved Facilities

You also need to offer more. Whilst your staff may ‘make do’, it is important for staff morale and your brand that you offer the best in improved facilities for your staff. So yes, you need to use a breakout room or meeting room occasionally. And yes, it would be great to have access to on-site canteen facilities and serviced premises.

There may be some tailor-made refurbishments you could make to your current premises, but will it be enough? How much longer will your current premises be the best place for your business? Perhaps now is the time to find a space that will not only be good for your growing business but could also offer refurbishments should you need them later down the line? If so, maybe it’s time to speak to us here at RTC, we have great, flexible office space available in Derby