What Makes The Perfect Business Location?

What Makes The Perfect Business Location?

  • 3rd July 2020

Finding the right location for your business is a huge decision and is definitely one that shouldn’t be taken lightly – if you get it wrong, it can have huge implications on the operation of your business, but if you get it right you could well see a huge upturn in business that helps you to prosper for years to come. When making a choice on location, there’s many factors to consider – below, RTC Business Park explains the main points to consider before deciding on a location for your business to call home.


Easy Access 

One of the major points that you need to look at in detail is the transport routes your business will have in its new location, ensuring that your new location provides everything you need in terms of routes in and out of the business. Ideally, your company will be able to access local towns and residential areas so that workers have an easy commute, with public transport such as buses, trains, and rail all running nearby to ease the burden of commuting as best as possible. 


On a larger scale, if you receive or send deliveries to other areas of the country and beyond, you’ll need to ensure that you have quick, efficient access to major motorways – this makes it far simpler for your fleet to get to and from their drop off and pick up locations. 


Skilled Workforce 

A massive bonus to have in the area that your company will be based is access to a skilled and talented workforce – with a greater pool of talent to access, you’re likely to be able to build a stronger workforce for the future. Cities with universities are hotspots for skilled workers, with many graduates choosing to stay in their city of study long after they finish their studies; these potential employees are eager, talented, and ready to make the difference. 


Established Industry Connections 

Setting up in a city with deep rooted connections to the UK’s incredible history in industry is another hugely beneficial point to consider – if you’re surrounded by top businesses, you can be sure that you’re in a location that’s got greater security and longevity. Many top companies are now making their way out of the major cities and are moving to some of the up and coming business hubs that are popping up across the country – one such location is Derby. 


Derby’s central location gives it excellent connections to major cities in both the north and south, with direct access to the M6 a handy way for staff to make their way to and from work on a daily basis. The city is also home to one of the brightest and most promising workforces in the country, with the local university specialising in a range of areas including Business. 


Find out more about how Derby can benefit your business as a base location, as well as the kinds of spaces you can utilise by contacting RTC Business Park! Their spaces range from great offices for startup businesses to lab space for those looking to push the boundaries of science, all tied together with fantastic facilities such as on-site parking, a cafeteria, and plenty of green space to unwind in.