What Can A Derby Office Do For Your Business?

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What Can A Derby Office Do For Your Business?

  • 16th August 2016

RTC Derby
Your business needs a dynamic environment in which to survive. It needs to be accessible both for employees and customers. It also needs to be at the heart of transport links that make logistics a breeze. There can be few places in the UK that tick all these boxes but Derby is one of them. Sandwiched between two major motorways, the M6 and M1, it is within easy reach of Manchester to the north, and Birmingham to the south.

With both these cities vying for the title of Britain’s second city, which business would want to be within striking distance of two major cities, with such important business links?

City life

The hubbub of city life is not for everyone. Housing can be difficult to find and expensive too thus, as much as you want the best employees and offer competitive salaries, if they cannot afford to buy or rent close to your business base and are not in favour of a lengthy commute, you may find that the best people bypass your business. Derby offers a solid alternative to expensive living but still offering everything expected of a city.

Why Derby: Why Should Your Move Your Office To Derby?

With a growing population of a quarter of a million inhabitants, Derby is thriving.

Businesses are actively looking to relocate here and so if you are thinking of doing the same, you are in excellent company. Take a look at some of the major companies, including global corporations who are in Derby. Why wouldn’t you want to join them?

Derby offers employees many advantages;

Affordable living – the average price of three-bed semi-detached in the county is around £148k and the average rent for a three-bed property £680pcm. Both far better options financially than nearby Manchester with a three-bed property costing £40k renting a three-bed property can be over £1k PCM.

Pleasant surroundings – image a city offering the cosmopolitan without the trappings of a larger city? Happier people means happier staff and, considering that your people are your best assets, it makes sense to keep them as happy as possible.

Great links and great business opportunities – Derby has everything that you need. Great transport links and great property for business too, whether you are buying or renting.

If you want to rent office space without paying a premium, great transport links, a pleasant landscape and everything a city can offer, you should take a look at what Derby can offer.