What Amenities Does The Modern Office Need?

What Amenities Does The Modern Office Need?

  • 2nd December 2019

Research highlights that the workplace requirements for millennials are very much different from what was considered as standard for previous generations. The hallmarks of today’s work culture include long hours, technology and collaboration. Subsequently, office design must support these elements. We look at some of the key amenities that make or break an office space.

The traditional hour’s lunch is fast fading. Employees value flexible options to take breaks but are also now more aware of healthy nutrition. Having access to on-site catering facilities that offer a range of food items is a must. Spaces such as these also allow employees to hold informal, relaxed meetings – evidence shows such an environment is conducive for creativity and problem-solving. At RTC Business Park, our clients benefit from our on-site restaurant, from which we can also cater for events/conferences.

There is nothing more stressful than a long and heavy commute, only to get to work and find there is nowhere to park! Our business park has ample parking spaces for those employees who choose to drive to work. Of course, if your staff favour public transport, which can be the more economical and environmentally friendly option, RTC Business Park enjoys good access to the public transport network. Millennials are more likely to cycle than their peers and as such will appreciate a safe space to store their valuable bicycle and the opportunity to take a shower.

Communal Space
Employees work hard and should be encouraged to enjoy some downtime. Having a breakout/communal space in the office is ideal to allow staff to take some much needed time out, make a personal phone call, enjoy a book or listen to some music. These environments also support team building and networking amongst colleagues who may otherwise not have the opportunity to communicate. Each of the buildings at RTC Business Park has been designed with kitchen and breakout space – promoting convenience and relaxation at the same time.

Open Plan
Employees’ value flexibility and this is no different when it comes to seating arrangements. Sit-stand desks are becoming increasingly popular show positive benefits to people’s health. Using an open plan office environment allows seating to be dispersed, encouraging staff to get up and move- getting that step count up! Such spaces also inspire collaboration, particularly when the same rules apply to senior management also. At RTC we can work with you to design a floor plan that works for you and your employees.

Office cleanliness
A clean office environment is underrated. It is actually an aspect that employees very much value, particularly if there is also food/drink preparation areas. A clean, comfortable, fresh-smelling work environment can do wonders for employee mood and health! For a service charge, RTC offers a robust facilities management service, which includes, security, building maintenance, landscaping, cleaning of common areas and utilities.