How to Decide on The Perfect Commercial Property in Derby?

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How to Decide on The Perfect Commercial Property in Derby?

  • 12th December 2016

commercial property to rent in derby

Finding the right commercial property takes planning and forethought because choosing the right location for your business is an important cornerstone in its growth.
Rather than haphazardly deciding on a space without any research, take time to consider all the options. To understand what you need and how to find the right space, RTC Business Park wants you to consider these five great ideas.

1. Make a List

What is it that your business NEEDS in terms type of space, the amount of space as well as other services and amenities?
Make a list – you might find it becomes quite sizeable! Now you need to prioritise this list – what are needs and what are wants? What are the essential things that your business must have and what would be ‘welcome extras’?
There is no doubt that this helps when you move to the next step: Money.

2. Affordability

No business has a bottomless pit of cash to spend on rent or lease costs every month. The list you have of wants and needs for your business space may not necessarily be affordable within your budget, and so this slices a few ‘extras’ off your list.
Be reasonable about what you can afford and what your money will get you. Having said that, polish off your negotiation skills because with a little persuasion, you may be able to reduce your rent for six to 12 months or squeeze some extras in for the same price.

3. Location

Do you need a city centre, high street location or will an out-of-town business park be the better location?
Being based outside of major towns and cities is one way of tapping into the diversity and employment talent of an area, without paying city centre prices.

4. Networks and links

At one time, for any business to really grow, the right city was essential. The advent of the Internet means that for many businesses, the location is still important but for other reasons: transport networks and links.
Commercial property in Derby has the best of everything – great rail, road and air links – and is also close to Manchester, London and Birmingham too.

5. Amenities

A business park is an ideal location – on-site catering facilities, buildings that are maintained to a high standard, grounds that are maintained and tidy, extra layers of security but above all, these amenities create the right impression.
Is your business ready to become a major player, a forward-thinking business that is part of a dynamic business community at RTC Business Park?