Should You Lease or Buy Office Space?

Should You Lease or Buy Office Space?

  • 26th February 2016

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One of the main decisions business owners need to make is whether they should buy or lease office space in Derby. There is no right or wrong answer, but most people find themselves leaning towards the options of leasing, and there are many reasons why. With that being said, in this post, we are going to take a look at the main reasons you should look for offices to let in Derby as opposed to offices to buy.

Free-up working capital

One of the key benefits associated with renting an office is the fact that your money will not be tied up into a property you have purchased. This frees up your working capital and gives you the platform to capitalise on any opportunities that come to your business’s way. Aside from this, you will also have more borrowing power, as you will have not used up a proportion of this privilege on buying an office.

Greater flexibility for the future

You will experience much greater flexibility for the future by going for an office lease because you are not tied into the property on a long-term basis. You can find leases as short as a couple of months when going for a serviced office, and thus this gives you the platform to grow your business. You won’t have anything holding you back, which is often the case when buying a property outright.

Prime office space

You will have a greater selection of offices to choose from when you go down this route, and you will have the ability to rent prime office space in Derby. This gives you the chance to rent in an area that has a good image and a convenient location, which will do wonders for your business in terms of branding. Most businesses would not be able to secure such offices when they are buying outright. At RTC Business Park, we are located in a great area, which is accessible from the M1, A52, A50, A38, Pride Park, Derby City Centre, and Derby Station.

It’s more convenient

Last but not least, it is a lot easier to lease an office than it is to rent one. Any type of ownership comes with plenty of headaches. However, if you look for an office to rent in Derby at RTC Business Park, you will be able to free up your time and focus on the core of your business instead.