10 Reasons To Rent A New Office Space Before Christmas

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10 Reasons To Rent A New Office Space Before Christmas

  • 4th November 2016

rent a new office space before christmas

Typically Christmas is a time where most people disengage, kick back and wait for the New Year to roll in before they action anything. But this doesn’t have to the case and actually for businesses throughout the UK, Christmas is the perfect time to take stock and start doing new things, including renting new office space before the year is done.

Here are 10 compelling reasons why you should consider new office space to rent in Derby before Christmas, as opposed to waiting until January.

1. Get the New Year off to a flying start

By making the move pre-Christmas, you can ensure that come January, the business is fully operational and firing on all cylinders, ready to get 2017 off to a cracking start.

2. The new office launch party

A move to new offices before Christmas gives you the perfect excuse to cheer staff up and give them something to look forward with a January launch party.

3. Create a buzz

New offices are also ideal for creating a buzz around your brand. You can attract clients’ attention with an invitation to visit, where you can impress them with your stylish new workspace.

4. Minimises disruption to the business

For most office-based businesses, the lead up to Christmas is generally a quieter time, so make the most of this and get moving. There will be less disruption to the business than if you wait until January when the business starts to pick up again.

5. Keeping staff engaged

A pre-Christmas move can fight the natural slump in productivity before Christmas by giving staff something to focus on and engage in.

6. Boost morale

Inevitably another knock-on effect of a move to new office space will be to boost staff morale; it’s exciting and something different that will keep their motivation high.

7. Discounted rental prices

It’s not likely that many businesses will be looking to move until January or beyond, so you might find you’re to negotiate a better rental rate if you decide to rent a new office space before Christmas.

8. Refreshed business strategy

A fresh new start before Christmas can also give you plenty of inspiration for creating new business strategies to roll out in the New Year.

9. Declutter and purge

Moving offices is also the ideal time to declutter and clear out all unused items, which naturally makes for a cleaner and more productive office.

10. Healthier environment

With new offices space that’s clear of clutter and streamlined, you will also be working towards creating a healthier working environment and instilling a sense of pride in staff to keep it that way – a win-win for everyone.

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