How Can Relocating Your Business to Derby Benefit Your Company?

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How Can Relocating Your Business to Derby Benefit Your Company?

  • 26th June 2017

relocating your business

Relocating your business is not a decision to be taken lightly. But if you have the proof that your business is not in the right location, you need to search for new premises in a new area.

Many towns and cities will have a vibrant business district, all of which will vie for your attention. But there is something about the city of Derby that attracts people – maybe it’s the compact nature of the city but still with a vibrant city lifestyle – or maybe it is because big businesses have already relocated here?

Five Top Benefits of Relocating Your Business to Derby

1) A compact city with loads of attractions

As a city, Derby has a relatively small footprint; Manchester is double its size, and Birmingham a sprawling city compared to Derby. You could fit 20 ‘Derby cities’ into the footprint of London and yet, Derby doesn’t lack any city amenities.

It has a vibrant day and nightlife, plenty of big-name brands, plenty of open spaces and high achieving schools, all attractive to your staff team to persuade them to make the move with you.

2) Attractive property prices

The biggest concern of anyone moving to a city is the price of the property, both renting and buying – and for both homes and business premises.

The cost of renting or leasing commercial premises is cost-effective, getting more for your money than you would in several locations across the country.

But house prices are marginally below the national average too and that means for the same price in some cities, people will get more house for their money.

3) Central to travel links – road, rail and air

Not just for staff travelling in and from work, but for your supplies and outbound deliveries, a choice of travel links is always welcome.

Relying just on one form of transport can wreak havoc when there is a problem – jams on the roads, strikes on the rail or fog at the airport – but rely on different travel links, and you have solutions when there is a problem.

4) Close to major cities…

… but without ‘city prices’, a significant advantage if ever there was one. You are within a few hours of Birmingham and Manchester and within striking distance of London. Is there anywhere else you could be better placed?

5) A great range of commercial and offices to rent in Derby

With services office spaces available at RTC Business Park, there is a wide range of choice when it comes to offices to rent in Derby too. Take a look at what we offer, and why your business will flourish in Derby.