How to Prepare Your Office for the Summer Heat

How to Prepare Your Office for the Summer Heat

  • 24th June 2019

As we approach the middle of June, the summer months are upon us and that can mean only one thing. Whilst it may not necessarily have arrived in its full force yet, summer is already well underway. Of course, that means we should expect warm sunny days, hot temperatures and, more pertinently, stuffy offices.

It happens every year, so if you haven’t prepared your office space for the inevitable then now is the time to get on top of it. Currently, there is no maximum temperature for the workplace, although unions have been campaigning to have 30 degrees set as the maximum.

Choosing the right office space

Here at RTC Business Park, we offer a wide range of office space in Derby. All of our offices are spacious, modern and benefit not only from suspended ceilings but also comfort cooling and flexible open-plan designs. We are located outside the centre of the city with beautifully landscaped gardens which make for a peaceful working environment. Not only are our office spaces cool during the summer, but for those employees who prefer to have the windows open for fresh air on stuffier days due to our location work levels will not be disrupted due to excess noise from outside.

Keep it cool

If you are in an older office building, then you may not have the benefit of built-in air conditioning. If possible, it’s certainly worth considering a portable air conditioning unit for your office space but, if this isn’t an option, then you should definitely invest in some floor standing fans to place around your office. It is especially important to keep hydrated in warmer weather so, if you don’t already have one, invest in a water cooler and plenty of water. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the number of full bottles of water you have, as you don’t want to run out.

The effects of summer heat on your employees

We all love those long hot summer days, as long as we are outside relaxing and having fun. Unfortunately, being stuck in an office that is hot can have a very negative effect on staff. Heat is draining and can lead to production levels dropping which is certainly something you want to avoid. So, ensuring that your office space is still a comfortable place to work is a must in the warmer summer weather.