How To Create The Perfect Office Working Conditions

  • 1st October 2019

We spend the majority of our week at work. There are ways to make it a more pleasant experience; happy employees are more productive employees. Creating a positive working environment can help significantly with job satisfaction. There are a number of ways to create perfect working conditions in an office and we’re going to share […]


Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing Office Space for Your Business

  • 25th September 2019

Location can be a key factor when choosing an office space for your business, especially if the majority of your trade is local and you need to be easily accessible for staff and visitors. But, with more and more businesses carrying out their trade online; relocation is not always such a problem. This is especially […]


How to Create a Happy and Productive Work Environment

  • 5th September 2019

When you work in an office environment whether as a Manager or employee; productivity is key to ensuring business success across the board. There is no doubt about it that happy staff are productive staff, who feel a sense of purpose and achievement both in their individual and collaborative responsibilities. There is no one set […]


Why is Workplace Collaboration So Important?

  • 31st August 2019

As a business owner, profit is directly linked to productivity and productivity is directly linked to employee well-being. Employee wellbeing depends on providing the right working environment for your staff and so an integral part of this feedback loop is supplying a healthy working environment that helps workers collaborate easily. This can be achieved by […]


Could Derby Be The Perfect Location For Your Business

  • 23rd August 2019

In terms of your office space; location can be the key to your business success for a variety of reasons. Firstly you have to think of your workforce and how easy it is to employ quality staff who can get to work under their own steam or via public transport links. Secondly, you need to […]


Facilities Every Modern Office Should Have

  • 7th August 2019

We spend long hours at work and so it makes sense to create a work environment that is both welcoming and productive. So what should the modern office space in Derby have? Strong public transport links How people get to work is changing, and so it’s common to find that employees will take public transport […]


The Benefits of Onsite Catering for Your Employees

  • 21st July 2019

An army, or so the saying goes, marches on its stomach. Keeping troops well-fed is key to success in any military campaign and although you may think that this doesn’t apply directly to your workforce, ensuring that they have adequate facilities to access during their working day is – and that means looking at the […]


The Importance of Collaboration in the Workplace

  • 30th June 2019

One of the most important factors that contribute to success in the workplace is employees who are able to work together as a team. With increasing competition in the workplace, it is now more important than ever to encourage your employees to be creative in an effort to increase productivity and create healthy employee relationships. […]


How to Prepare Your Office for the Summer Heat

  • 24th June 2019

As we approach the middle of June, the summer months are upon us and that can mean only one thing. Whilst it may not necessarily have arrived in its full force yet, summer is already well underway. Of course, that means we should expect warm sunny days, hot temperatures and, more pertinently, stuffy offices. It […]