Find the Perfect Office Space to Rent Before the New Year

Find the Perfect Office Space to Rent Before the New Year

  • 21st December 2016

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The recession that started with the collapse of Barings Bank in 2008 is over, or so say the official statistics. Economic think tanks admit that the economy and its businesses and people are still feeling the effects even with the economic forecasts for 2017 are bright and optimistic.
But with Brexit on the horizon, it is understandable that as a business, you are cautious of what the coming year may hold. The thought of investing in new business premises may be the furthest thought from your mind. After all, by staying where you are, you feel more comfortable that your business will be able to weather the coming Brexit storm.
But there are businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large global corporations that are deciding to move to new premises. And plan on doing so before this year ends, and the next starts. But why? Why would take this chance to be potentially the best move for your business now?

Where are you Moving Your Business To?

Re-locating your business is not a decision that should be taken lightly or without reason. It can be expensive, it takes time and there are implications for your staff, and customers too. Recession or no recession, Brexit or no Brexit, if your business is not located in the right place, there will be problems.
When it comes to choosing the right office space to rent in Derby, it pays to do your research:

• Physical location – being close to major cities and business hubs, as well as within easy reach of the main road, rail and air networks is also a welcome boost to business.
• Impressions matter – when you meet with new clients, customers or partners, you want to create the right impression. A bright, airy office or lab space, perched in maintained grounds, with buildings that are maintained and cleaned to a high standard, gives the right impression: you are the business to partner with and this impression is worth thousands of pounds of future custom.
• Occupancy terms – flexibility and versatility are two essential components of any business lease. What are you getting for your money? How can your business grow in terms of its physical size in your current location?

Calculated Decision, Not Chances

Taking a chance as a business is not advisable but basing decisions on facts, figures and data is. With RTC Business Park, you get everything you and your business need.