Why Do You Need Office Space in Derby?

Why Do You Need Office Space in Derby?

  • 21st April 2017

why does your business need office space in derby

Any city will attempt to attract businesses, large and small, to within its boundaries, as thriving businesses means employment as well as a vibrant local economy.
Derby is one of those cities with many benefits and this is why many businesses are increasingly finding that they need to look for office space in Derby.

A Thriving City…

… but smaller, more bijou than other cities, Derby has all the trappings of a major city but without a sprawling, overbearing mass. It has a growing population of around 250,000 people, all skilled in numerous ways that mean you have a ready workforce right on your doorstep.

Major Companies Are Flocking to Derby

There are major players in Derby and across the county, pumping some £29 billion into the local economy every year. Why wouldn’t you want to be part of the same scene?


For your business, you need modern, suitable and appropriate business accommodation that allows your business to expand and thrive.
But you need it at an affordable price. Likewise, you want a skilled workforce but if people cannot afford to buy or rent domestic property in the area, it can mean a shallow pool of talent. Derby offers high-quality business premises, as well as a buoyant but affordable rental market and property prices that are within reach.

A Fantastic City with Everything You Need

Living in a city gives you a buzz. You want a cosmopolitan lifestyle without the price tag. You want all the trappings – the restaurants, the bars and more – but you want it all to be affordable.
Derby was, in 2015, rated as the 23rd happiest place to live in the UK. And not surprising with a 73% employment rate with people enjoying an average gross weekly income of £622.

Transport Links

Derby is at the centre of things. Within easy distance of Manchester and Birmingham, and with London easily reached, the rail and road network places Derby in an enviable position. It is also within easy reach of several major and smaller airports, again perfect for a business looking to expand overseas.

Everything to Gain

With great rental prices, leasing a commercial property in and around Derby is a fantastic move for a business.
Why not take a look at what office space in Derby could do for yours?

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