What Do You Need To Consider Before Moving To A New Office?

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What Do You Need To Consider Before Moving To A New Office?

  • 27th October 2016

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If you’ve ever had to move to another office, you’re more than likely well aware of the myriad of tedious details that this involves. Just when you think you have taken care of absolutely everything that needs to be done, you discover that several things have managed to be overlooked.

At RTC Business Park, we not only have office space to rent in Derby available, but we are also able to help you in carrying out your move in the most simple and stress-free way possible. However, whether you’re moving with us or not, there are general rules that you should consider following for a less stressful move.

Hire a reputable moving company

Although there are plenty of moving companies to choose from, it is always best to choose one that specialises specifically in office moves. Office equipment is both delicate and expensive, so it is important to choose a mover who is familiar with how office equipment should be handled and dealt with. The last thing you need is for your essential office equipment to arrive damaged or broken at your new location.

Be aware of your new office spaces size and dimensions

Whether you are moving into a larger office to accommodate your growing business or downgrading to a more cost-effective office space to work in, you will want to be fully aware of your new office’s size and dimensions so you can plan out the placement of your office furniture and equipment ahead of time. You may even want to consider a furniture upgrade to give your new office a fresh and modern look.

Be sure that your current lease is in good standing

Office space leases are generally pretty ironclad in terms of how long you are required to stay or how much notice is to be given should you move. This means that breaking, or not fully adhering to the terms of the lease can quickly turn into both a financial and legal nightmare. Before you plan an office move, it is imperative that you are either at the end of your lease or have given the required notice.

Make sure that all of your bills are up to date

If you are intending to move your office, it is important that you notify your service providers at least 30 days before your intended move date. This will give your service providers time to either switch your services to your new location or provide you with a final invoice.

Even small balances left unpaid on your services can have a negative impact on your company’s credit. Moving offices should be looked at as a new beginning for your business that offers even more opportunities for heightened success -making sure that you are starting out at your new location without any loose ends is paramount in ensuring that success.

Following these simple processes will certainly make your move less stressful, and you’ll fully enjoy the new office space that you have rented from RTC, knowing you’ve done everything right.