How the Modern Office has Changed since the 1950s

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How the Modern Office has Changed since the 1950s

  • 4th April 2018

Man in 1950s Office

The modern office certainly looks and feels different to that of the 1950s but just how much has it changed?

1. Dress code

Back in the 50s, the dress code in the office was very formal. But today, many companies are relaxed in what office employees are allowed to wear.

In fact, in the modern office, a dress code is a contentious issue, especially if employers are insisting on certain ways of dressing.

2. Open plan was very common

How offices are arranged has come full circle since the huge open plan offices from the mid-20th century. Vast typing pools were common and although the interior of offices can be closed or full of cubicles, there are some common traits between the 50s and the modern office.

3. They were not the best places for collaboration and creativity

Today, the modern company looks for an office environment in which people can easily collaborate and create together. Back in the 50s, this wasn’t always the case with stuffy, windowless rooms hardly lending themselves to collaborative working.

But sometimes they were. It was leading, cutting-edge companies who were willing to try different office layouts in the 1950s that scored points for creating spaces that supported collaboration and creativity.

These are two factors that the modern 21st Century employer is looking to create too which is why business are looking for modern, flexible creative office space in Derby. From open plan with breakout rooms to informal workspaces and seating, there are many ways the modern office supports and encourages creative, collaborative thinking.

4. Computers and tech have revolutionised the office

There is no denying that the biggest change to the landscape of the office has been the demise of the typewriter and the introduction of the computer.

But even this has changed over the years. from large, box screens and chunky keyboards to huge printers and scanners, modern tech is now even more streamlined with printers and scanner rolled into one, and screens no longer dominating desks.

5. A healthier environment

Everywhere, including the office, was a smoking zone back in the 1950s. So much so, that it is difficult for the modern office worker to understand how this could have ever been the case.

But it is not just smoking that has changed in the office. From better support for workers’ health and well-being to improved working conditions all around, the modern office is a different space to work.

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