Mistakes Made When Choosing an Office to Rent in Derby

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Mistakes Made When Choosing an Office to Rent in Derby

  • 23rd February 2016

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Choosing an office to rent in Derby for your business is one of the most important decisions you will make. With so many offices to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your search effectively and a lot of people feel overwhelmed or they end up rushing the decision because they are desperate to move into an office. This is when mistakes are made. Read on to discover some of the key blunders business owners make when looking for offices to rent in Derby to make sure you avoid them.

Being tied into a long lease straight away

A lot of business owners assume that you need a long lease to secure an office to rent in Derby and also think that if they go for a short-term lease, they could find themselves being booted out of the premises once it is up. However, this is not the case. There is a great deal of flexibility available, especially when you choose RTC Business Park, as we offer lease terms starting from three months and you have the ability to renew your contract at the end of this.

Choosing office space in an awkward location

You need to make sure the offices you choose are easy to get to. Are they convenient for those that come to work via car, as well as those who travel via public transport? If you have always advertised for staff that can drive, the latter won’t be a problem. However, if your prior offices were situated near a public transport link, you could cause major troubles for employees by moving to somewhere that is not easily accessible. You need to also think about the convenience factor in terms of your clients.

Not taking security seriously

It does not matter what type of business you run, the importance of finding office space in Derby with a considerable amount of security cannot be overlooked. This is something we pride ourselves on. At RTC Business Park, our premises are manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by experienced security personnel.

Failing to consider the full cost

Last but not least, a lot of business owners make the error of simply looking at the rental cost and failing to see the big picture. Do you have to cover everything from the heating bills to maintenance yourself? Or, is there a service fee involved? The latter tends to be the most cost-effective option.

Making one or more of the above mistakes can cost your business money, so get it right and take the time to make the decision that’s best for your business.