How Important Is Location When Choosing An Office To Rent?

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How Important Is Location When Choosing An Office To Rent?

  • 10th July 2017

commercial property to rent in derby

Are you looking for a commercial space to rent in Derby and are not sure where to start? You have likely heard many pieces of advice which all say one thing or another is the most important aspect to consider when looking for office space. Location is one of the biggest factors to think about when choosing your business premises, but just how important is it?

While you should also consider other points, such as cost, size, amenities and lease terms when choosing an office space to rent; the location is still the most important and here at RTC Business Park, we explain why.

How can location affect your business?

While it is nice to have your business premises in an attractive area- location is about much more than a nice view out of the office window. The success of your business will hang on whether you, your staff, suppliers and distributors can get to you easily. You don’t want to be renting premises so far out of the way that you struggle attracting staff or you end up paying extra in delivery charges which take longer to arrive.

The best type of business locations

Ideally, you would find commercial space to rent which is close to public transport links as well as being close to major roads and motorways. Therefore, you can still attract the best employees whether they are drivers or not. Your suppliers and distributors will also be able to easily find you and get in and out of your premises quickly and with ease- expediting your distribution times. If you will be having customers come to your business premises or want to attract passing custom then being accessible and visible is vital.

Commercial Property To Rent In Derby

Derby is fast becoming a big player in the world or manufacturing and business. With many companies choosing to set up shop in the city because of the commercial property to rent in Derby. Derby is benefitting from a growth in the economy which you cannot afford to miss out on. With cheaper accommodation costs than many of the bigger cities like Manchester or Birmingham, yet with equally good transport links; Derby is taking on the big cities at their own game.
As Derby grows its reputation as an industry powerhouse, many more businesses are moving here. Having your own premises in Derby will put your business up with some of the big named companies and garner your reputation and respect you cannot buy. Take advantage of all that this great city has to offer with commercial property to rent in Derby and automatically be thought of as one of the innovative businesses Derby is attracting right now.