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Keep Your Office Happy Throughout Winter 2017

  • 21st February 2017

RTC Business Park

Winter is a time of short days and long nights when the weather is cold and grey and that makes our spirits cold and grey too.

When your employees have to come to work in the grey of dawn and leave as the street lights are coming on their moods can turn sour and jaded and the whole office suffers. So, what can you do to improve morale and keep your office happy?  Here at RTC Business Park, we are hoping we can help:

Commuting Rage

Nothing gets the day off to a bad start like a late bus or lack of parking.  Be understanding and if any of your employees are affected you could see if you could arrange more parking, a car share scheme, or perhaps even flexible hours.

Too cold

If you struggle to keep your office temperature at a comfortable temperature, your employees aren’t going to be able to work at their best.  Old central heating systems can be temperamental.  If the system isn’t up to the job and the office is continually cold, you might have to go around providing fan heaters.

Not enough hours in the day

Your employees might feel this about the workload but if they don’t get to see daylight on those rare occasions when the sun is shining they will feel it even more acutely.  Encourage your employees to leave their desks and take a walk at lunchtime and perhaps consider rearranging the office so they can sit nearer the windows.

Not enough space to swing a cat

Cramped offices will mean everyone gets on everyone else’s nerves for the slightest of reasons.  Spring cleaning or a different layout could gain you some more space and RTC Business Park might just be the place to do all this.


Tea breaks can actually boost productivity but if the tea making facilities are poor you’ll hear nothing but complaints.  Might be time for a new kettle?

Maybe it’s time to move?

If there are more problems than solutions, perhaps now is the time to start looking for some modern, recently refurbished offices.  There is a huge choice of commercial property for rent in Derby and here at RTC Business Park. We have modern offices with space, light and warmth (and kitchens!) set in 28 acres of landscaped grounds. It’s close to the station and with 900 parking spaces parking rage will be a thing of the past.