Is Derby The Right Location For Your Business?

Is Derby The Right Location For Your Business?

  • 4th February 2020

Finding the right location for your business can be tricky. If you are a new company looking for your first business premises, then there is plenty to consider. Think about things like transport links, workforce, whether there is room for expansion and of course the facilities that are on offer, all of these are important factors that will help you choose the right business space. If you are a well-established company in addition to considering all of these factors you also need to take into account just how easy it will be for your current workforce to get to your new offices compared to your current premises.

Why choose Derby?

Derby certainly isn’t the first place that most companies consider when looking for business premises, but it really should be. It is centrally located and serviced by fantastic transport links, both rail and road, making it an easy location to get to for your suppliers, clients and of course your workforce. These transport links link to Derby from both the North and South a factor that is certainly worth taking into consideration. As the number one tech city in the UK, it is the perfect location for a new start-up and you will certainly be able to benefit from the fact that a staggering 12% of the local workforce is employed in the tech industry. There is a wealth of highly skilled individuals already in Derby who can really help your business.

RTC Business Park

RTC Business Park is conveniently located not far from the centre of Derby, the modern office spaces are ideal for businesses of all sizes and there is even room for your business to grow. The Business Park is easily reached from Derby Centre. There is a high population of younger people who live in Derby making it a great place to source a vibrant and skilled workforce for any type of business.

Our modern office spaces are set in superb landscaped grounds making the business park a  very environmentally pleasing place to work, there is plenty of space to park and our proximity to the station also make it easy, and convenient for anyone who prefers to travel by train and then complete their journey to work by bike.  Whilst your business may be small when you first move here we offer the flexibility that will allow your business and your businesses premises to grow to your ever-changing requirements.