Improve Your Office Space to reduce stress and promote productivity

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Improve Your Office Space to reduce stress and promote productivity

  • 20th October 2016

improve your office space

When your office lacks ample space and functionality it can cause a frustrating environment for your employees to work in, and can negatively impact both their productivity and overall desire to work. Several recent studies have shown that disorganised and cluttered office spaces often create stressed and less productive employees. In fact, employees who are unhappy with their work surroundings have far higher absenteeism rates than employees who work in organised and spacious office settings.

If you find that your current office is no longer providing the space needed for a safe and productive work area you can find more spacious office space to rent in Derby, but in the meantime, here are a few tips to improve your staff’s quality of life in the workplace, in either your existing or future office space.

Keep cords organised and out of sight

One of the most unsightly and dangerous things that an office can have is dozens of cords running all over the place. Not only will they make your office look cluttered, but they can also be a real safety hazard as well. Exposed and tangled cords also tend to break or wear out more often than ones that are kept covered and out of sight. Improve your office space by installing low access flooring is an excellent way to safely hide your office equipment’s wires and cables in a place that can be easily accessed if needed.

Offer a lounge area

Offering a comfortable area for your staff to use during their breaks or downtimes provides a pleasant spot for employees to relax and regroup in between tasks. It can also double as a comfortable area to hold staff meetings or employee collaboration sessions.

Choose neutral wall colours

Choosing an overly bright or busy office wall colours can be very distracting for employees. So it’s always best to select soft and neutral colours to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Various shades of yellows are becoming a more and more common choice for offices, as they are thought to promote creativity, and improve mental activity as well as to improve your office space.

Have an onsite coffee station

Even the most well-rested employees can use a pick me up from time to time. Having an onsite coffee station for staff provides that much-needed shot of caffeine that so many of us depend on to get through our days. It also limits an employee’s need to grab coffee offsite, which leads to less time completing tasks at the office.
These small touches above can make a real difference to your office productivity, so why not try them out and see if you notice a change in stress levels too!
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