The Importance of Location When Choosing Business Offices

The Importance of Location When Choosing Business Offices

  • 27th November 2017

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Commercial property in some locations can come at a premium, but there are some office complexes that fit the bill perfectly. You need to consider all the options carefully when thinking about relocating your business.

Essentially, there are four key factors to consider when it comes to office location…

1. Transport Links

Out of town office complexes are all well and good but unless they are served well by a variety of transport links, customers and staff will find it difficult to access the location. It also depends on where people are travelling from. Do you need a location, for example, that is close to a major airport? What about road links to major cities and hubs of commerce?

2. Workforce

What special skills do you need in your workforce? In order for your brand to continue growing, you need to ensure you have the right people. And for this, location is essential.

You need to be in a place – town or city – that people want to live in. It is not just about an attractive city, but amenities too. Housing needs to be of a high standard, both rented and bought, and you want people to want to relocate their families too. This means good schools, colleges and public services.

It can be tough finding the ideal location, but have you looked at commercial property in Derby?

3. Environment

There is no doubt that a commercial property needs to have everything you need, from canteen facilities to light, open and air-conditioned offices. The whole environment, including the landscape around it, needs to be attractive and pleasant.

There are few places in the UK that can boast an environment like Derby, or the RTC Business Park. Set in landscaped grounds, the office complexes are a pleasant place to work, no matter what the season. And with superior travel and transport links, it is no wonder that it is the bijou city has a burgeoning reputation.

4. Clients

This is about managing client expectations. All your customers and clients have an expectation of your brand. And you too, have an expectation that everything you do, from creating a logo to how you deliver your service, will speak volumes to your clients.

Imagine creating an impression that didn’t fit with your business premises: your clients’ disappointment wouldn’t be palatable. The time has come to step outside of low expectations and look at serviced commercial properties.

Here at RTC Business Park, you get everything you need for your business to flourish: the right location and environment, fantastic transport links, great people and the right impression for your business. Isn’t it time to call us to discuss making a move?