How To Make Your Office A More Enjoyable Place To Work

How To Make Your Office A More Enjoyable Place To Work

  • 28th November 2019

A third of a person’s life is spent at work, so it makes sense then to create an environment that’s as enjoyable as possible for both employer and employee; a happy employee is a productive one! There are many opportunities to improve workplace environment and atmosphere and often these ideas do not need significant financial resources. Here are our top suggestions for creating a healthier, happier and more productive office.

Finding space
Office space is valuable, unfortunately one of the first areas to suffer when management are reviewing the physical environment is space for down time. Your employees work hard, and yes, they have their desk space, but it is not good for wellbeing nor for a happy workforce for that to be the only place where individuals can relax. Breakout areas in an office offer so much more than just somewhere to have your lunch, they are essential for allowing colleagues to have a space to communicate and connect. The office space at RTC Business Park has been designed to enable development of such a space and can help to bring the vision to life.

Fuelling productivity
For a lot of people their language of love is food, and this can be true of your employees as well! At RTC Business Park we have a fully functioning on-site canteen. Take advantage of the facilities and treat employees to a weekly or monthly free breakfast or lunch – this helps staff feel valued and appreciated. Why not plan meetings away from the office and catch up over a brew at the canteen? Having meetings outside of the traditional office framework can really help people to engage and innovate.

Planning for all types of work
Increasingly, office space is planned as open space. There are many advantages to this type of setting but it can prove a challenge for some individuals and for certain types of professional activity. If you operate in an open plan environment, it is a good idea to have a quiet space or room. This allows employees the option to use the space to focus on complex pieces of work away from distractions. Quiet rooms can also be useful for when employees need to have confidential work-based conversations and need a private, calming location.

There’s no “one size fits all” solution
Your employees are likely to be very different from each other and have unique preferences regarding their work environment. If you have a staff survey, why not ask staff what changes they would like to see at the workplace which would help them to work smarter. Repeat the survey periodically to ensure that changes are still practical and relevant – and contact RTC to see how we could help deliver a workspace that your employees enjoy working in.