How Can Office Spaces Impact Productivity?

How Can Office Spaces Impact Productivity?

  • 16th December 2019

Despite best intentions, employees struggle to maintain the same level of productivity for a full seven/eight hours a day, or even consistently day-to-day across the week and over the month! Research actually shows that we are most productive on a Monday at around 11 am and that after lunch is an uphill struggle for most people – even more so on a Friday! Although it isn’t possible to completely change people’s working habits, there are certain elements that employers can work on which are known to impact positively on employee productivity. We all spend a significant amount of time at work. Therefore it makes sense for all involved to try and make the experience a pleasant one, which in turn will increase employee productivity.

Environmental concerns
Central to employee wellbeing in the workplace is the environment. This applies in both the physical and cultural sense. Employees value an environment which encourages healthy competition, where communication and teamwork are prioritised and where empathy is evident thought the structure. By creating such an atmosphere, employees are more likely to feel motivated and thus productive. Employee creativity can be further bolstered by ensuring the physical surroundings are conducive to staff wellbeing. Green spaces have been shown to have a positive impact on employee productivity. Evidence shows that nature has the potential to significantly reduce employee fatigue, increase attention levels and improve sickness absence levels. Investing in office space that incorporates green space is increasingly being promoted as a good business decision. Green spaces encourage employees to take breaks and get moving! As a result, employees will return to work refreshed and alert. Choosing to locate your office at RTC Business Park allows you and your employees to take advantage of lush landscaped grounds.

Feeding Productivity
At RTC Business Park, we want to offer convenience with modern, top of the range facilities. With our onsite canteen, your employees can be assured of good nutrition that will encourage their innovation and creativity. It can be easy for staff to forgo taking a break and having a lunch or if working late an early dinner, but by having on-site facilities, individuals are more likely to take the opportunity to have something to eat. Employees that are encouraged to keep hydrated and maintain their energy levels are better equipped to complete work tasks.

Embracing the Outdoors
A third of our time is spent working, which despite how much we enjoy what we do, does mean we can begrudge missing out on spending time outside while the sun is up. Employers can support staff in this respect by ensuring that the workspace uses as much natural light as possible. Exposure to natural light has many health benefits including reduced eye strain, improved sleep, better awareness and improved mood. As such, maximizing the potential for natural light in the workplace is a must if employee productivity is a priority. The office space at RTC Business Park benefits from good natural light, supported by warm LED lighting.

Whatever you’re looking for in terms of a productive working environment, we’re here to support you. Why not call us here at RTC to see if we could help make your workforce happier and more productive.