How Can Greenery Help To Boost Office Productivity?

How Can Greenery Help To Boost Office Productivity?

  • 4th February 2020

You would be forgiven for thinking that the less cluttered a workspace is then the more productive the workforce who populate it might be. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Research published in 2014 showed the results of an extensive, 10 year-long, study that was carried out by Cardiff University in collaboration with Universities in Australia and The Netherlands. During the study, researchers discovered that enriching an empty, basic office, with greenery, increased the productivity of the workers in that office by a staggering 15%.

To test their research further they monitored the productivity levels in two large offices, one in the UK and the other in The Netherlands. This research confirmed that an office space that invests in landscaping is rewarded with not only an increase in productivity but also greater employee wellbeing. When people work in a space with plants, they feel calmer and perceive that the air quality is better which in turn has the effect of making them more productive.

How does greenery affect employees?

Far from distracting employees, the study found a number of rather interesting things from their research. Not only did productivity increase but employees were generally happier people, which meant that there were fewer disputes between colleagues. Memory retention was also increased and a general focus on the work at hand. In fact, across the board, employee performance on a number of basic tests was improved with the introduction of greenery.

Perception really is everything, and the placing of the plants was also found to be important. Those employees who could not see a plant from their desk performed less well than their colleagues who could.

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