Creating Firm Foundations to Grow Your Business in Derby

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Creating Firm Foundations to Grow Your Business in Derby

  • 26th June 2017

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What does a business need to survive and grow? There are many factors that can help to grow your business, and it’s more than just having the right idea for a product. Here, we take a look at the basics.

The Right Product or Service

Your business will struggle to succeed if the product or service is not wanted or needed. If you don’t research your market or promote your business, your hard work may be falling on deaf ears.

Creating a firm foundation for your business means not only understanding your product or service but understanding your market, identifying and working to your customer demographic. This is the basic information that underpins any organisation and should continue to be one of the cornerstones in the coming years in order to help grow your business.

The Right Plan

You have the product, you have the market information and you have identified the gap that your business fills. Now what?

You need to plan and prepare your business to fill this niche in the market. This means setting out how you are going to push your business forward, how you are going to market your business, the budget and where this money comes from.

This business plan also lays out the blueprint for physical business presence too. Where will be the best place to put your business? And why?

The Right People

Great product, great plan but if you don’t have the right people in place, growing your business can feel like pushing water uphill.

It shouldn’t be a daily slog, although there are times that it feels like this for both start-ups and established businesses. But bring in exciting new talent when you need it, and your business starts to unfurl and grow.

But – this is the big but – if you want the right people, you need to offer the right package. Surprisingly, for the modern worker, it is not just money but the other benefits too. The locations, the pleasant working environment, both in culture and where the business is located.

The Right Place

This means looking for the right premises but also in the right location. With a range of commercial property in Derby to rent, there is sure to be something here that ticks all the boxes and allows you to grow your business.

This could be a flexible space or business space that can ebb and flow with your business.

RTC Business Park is known for providing a range of affordable workspaces. In landscape grounds, there are several additional amenities on-site that make for a pleasant working environment that helps your business create the right impression – so why not take a look at what we can offer, and see if it fits your business’ needs?