Features of Premium Commercial Property

Features of Premium Commercial Property

  • 5th July 2018

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We’ve been investing hugely in facilities to bring our office space bang up to date, meaning we have some of the most modern space available. And if you’re looking for commercial property to rent, Derby offers a great location with high-speed rail, national motorway and international air travel all within a short distance of the city centre.

So what features have we added?

The office has to have certain features to be offices rather than workshops or empty spaces. Carpeted floors and double glazing are a bare minimum to keep external noise outside! Having a large floor plate which lends itself well to reorganisation is also of benefit to many businesses as it allows them to grow and shrink teams as business demands.

On top of all that business expects to be able to access the internet through high bandwidth links. Many modern business applications are offered on the SaaS model where all the client needs is a superfast WiFi or Broadband link and a web browser. With several employees using the same application high quality IT infrastructure is a must.

The business also demands good connections. We’ve already mentioned how well-connected Derby is and those connections serve RTC well. We’re around half-a-mile from the train station which has regular express services to London and north to the Northern Powerhouse cities of Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool. Further flung destinations can easily be reached from the international East Midlands Airport 12 miles to the west. Premium office space needs to cater to drivers as well and RTC can boast above-average car parking provision meaning staff and visitors alike will always be able to get a space,

Commercial property also needs to be secure. Even a minor break-in could mean hours of wasted time and lost earnings potential so anywhere that offers anything other than 24/7 fully manned security can’t possibly call itself a premium office.

Anything else?

Lots. Staff welfare is exceedingly important and landscaped grounds allow employees to take a stroll to refocus (or even to work outdoors should they wish) while a tea trolley and onsite restaurant mean working lunches are quick and easy to grab. Premium office space would also include kitchens so that those who wish to can cater for themselves and breakout spaces for informal team meetings as well as on-demand access to conference facilities for more formal events.