Could Derby Be The Perfect Location For Your Business

Could Derby Be The Perfect Location For Your Business

  • 23rd August 2019

In terms of your office space; location can be the key to your business success for a variety of reasons. Firstly you have to think of your workforce and how easy it is to employ quality staff who can get to work under their own steam or via public transport links. Secondly, you need to be in an accessible location for visitors, clients and customers, and not only that, but your office space needs to look good when they get there too.

Appearance counts for a lot in business and a professional, aesthetic working environment reflects well on you as a company. Finally though, you need to choose an office space that is truly flexible not only in rental terms but in terms of individuation, so that it can be personalised to suit the needs of your business and employees.

We offer all of the above at RTC Business Park.

Based in Derby, which is the UK’s most central city, we believe that our business park is one of the most advantageous locations in which to run your business from due to the following benefits:


£7 million is being spent on improving public transport links between Derby and Nottingham. Derby is easily accessible from both the M6 and M1 motorway and from the main cities of Manchester and Birmingham.

Thriving city life
Derby was ranked the 6th best place to live for the under 30s in terms of living, working, commuting, job satisfaction and general happiness.

Start up capital of the UK
For those looking to dip their toe in the water – Derby came out top out of 19 criteria when registering new business ventures. Here at RTC Business Park, we offer incubation office spaces measuring 100 – 400 sq ft specifically to help start up ventures. These are the ideal choice especially when combined with our flexible leases to help you whilst you are getting established. We also offer larger open plan units up to 25,000 sq ft that can be combined with industrial units, workshops and laboratories to suit any company wishing to locate to our rented premises.

City Life, Country Views
There is no doubt that Derby is a thriving city but workplace productivity increases when employees can still connect to Mother Nature. Our office spaces are set in beautiful gardens optimising natural light and offering comfort cooling for the warmer months.

Want to learn more about what benefits a move to Derby could bring to your business? Why not get in touch and we’d be glad to show you what a move to Derby – and more specifically RTC Business – park could do for your business.