Why is Derby the Ideal Location for Commercial Businesses

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Why is Derby the Ideal Location for Commercial Businesses

  • 14th January 2019

Office Space Derby

You may be looking for a place to base your new business but are wondering where the best place would be to do so. Well, in 2015, Derby was named the ‘start-up capital’ of the UK and is a vibrant city with similar facilities as the big cities of London or Manchester, but it’s also cheaper to rent commercial property in Derby too.

Research shows….

A research project by Quality formations was carried out into 69 cities, looking at different criteria that is important for businesses such as affordable living costs, cheap office rates and wages. They also looked at factors that were not directly linked to starting up a business but still influence decisions, such as the price of childcare and access to a fast and stable broadband connection. All of these factors contribute to whether a small to medium-sized business is likely to succeed or fail at the first hurdle – and Derby came out top.

Why Derby is so good for business links

The infrastructure and transport links are excellent in Derby as we well know. RTC Business Park is easily accessible from the M1 motorway and other major roads such as the A50 and A38. We also provide an extensive car park which has over 900 spaces available. Even if you have employees or clients travelling from other areas of the UK, such as London, Newcastle and Birmingham, Derby Station is only a couple of minutes away by car. This makes it a convenient location to base any business and the trains travel at frequent times throughout the day. If you need access to get into the city centre for meetings this, again, is only a few minutes away by car in the opposite direction of the train station. Derby is also very central to other major cities in the UK such as Sheffield, Manchester and Birmingham. If your business should start to grow internationally, Derby is perfectly situated for East Midlands Airport which offers a range of flights to popular destinations.

How RTC can help

When starting up your business one of the things you will be worried about is whether you are going to be taking on large enough premises for your business to grow into. At RTC Business Park we have been supporting start-up businesses for years with our flexible leases. The flexible leases will enable your workspace to grow with you at the same rate as your business. The offices at RTC Business Park also have 24/7 security to give you peace of mind even when you are not in the office – one of the many benefits of choosing RTC Business Park as your new business location.

Why not base your new start-up in the best start-up place in the country? With RTC business park behind you, you’re sure to have the best start for your startup!