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Creative Ideas For Re-Decorating Your Office Space

  • 17th May 2017

redecorating the office space

Is work getting a bit dull?  Are you getting fed up of never having the right files to hand?  Has that temporary cupboard been there for three years?  Just like your home, sometimes, your office needs a makeover to keep it functioning efficiently.

Natural Light

The first thing to consider is where your natural light is coming from and to position your desk to make the best use of it.  Working as much as possible in natural light can help you feel happier and it can also avoid eye strain from using computers.


Have you got enough places to put your paperwork?  Although offices are becoming increasingly paperless they are nowhere near paper free and nothing grinds you down faster than not being able to lay your hands on the information you need to do your job.

Over Furnishing

If you have been successful in minimising paper maybe you now have filing cabinets and cupboards that no longer need to be taking up space in your office.  These could be shifted to another office that could use them or even sold to a second-hand office furniture dealer.

Chairs can often seem to multiply overnight and suddenly you can have five chairs when you rarely need more than two.  Send the excess ones packing too.

Move To A New Office Space

This might seem like a drastic solution but if your office space really isn’t working it might be time to think about moving to different offices.  Try and work out what the problem is so you can solve it.  For example:

  • Cramped – look for a larger office suite
  • Not enough natural light – look for somewhere with bigger windows
  • Poor building maintenance – look for newly refurbished offices, ideally with building maintenance included
  • Lack of parking – look for a business park with plenty of space rather than a cramped city-centre location

Our offices to let in Derby are located in 28 acres of landscaped grounds.  The main office blocks at RTC Business Park are arranged around lawned quads providing natural light to all suites.  The service charge includes maintenance, security, reception services and car parking.


Jazz It Up

Once you’ve got a layout that works, you can focus on making your office space your own. Just a few simple touches can help:

  • Get some plants.  Succulents are good because they can cope with neglect.  Spider plants do well too.
  • Use a stand to lift your laptop to eye-level (or use a pile of books for a quick and cheap fix)
  • Utilitarian things like calendars and notebooks don’t have to be boring.  Choose brightly coloured ones or decorated with pleasing images
  • Instead of a blotter try a carpet or flooring tile sample – the brighter the better!
  • Bookends are very useful if you have a big shelf but only a few books and can be as professional or cutesy as you like.
  • Colour code absolutely everything you can.  Work in a rainbow and be organised – a win-win situation!

There’s no need to suffer in an awful looking office with these great tips. A good environment can boost productivity and have you, and your staff feeling great about coming to work.