How to Create a Happy and Productive Work Environment

How to Create a Happy and Productive Work Environment

  • 5th September 2019

When you work in an office environment whether as a Manager or employee; productivity is key to ensuring business success across the board. There is no doubt about it that happy staff are productive staff, who feel a sense of purpose and achievement both in their individual and collaborative responsibilities. There is no one set formula to maximise productivity but the conditions and atmosphere around the office are two of the main factors and as such is the most obvious place to start from.

How the office environment affects productivity

The office environment affects your employees and impacts on the quality of their work for good or bad and so you need to ensure your working environment WORKS for and not against you. Here at RTC Business Park, we know that a happy and productive office is one that encourages creativity and collaboration. We offer personalised workspaces with the following scientifically proven features to minimise workplace stress and maximise productivity:

1. Room with a view

We are hardwired to find greenery relaxing but you don’t even have to step outside to benefit. A view from the office windows of green open spaces increases productivity by soothing the mind and keeping staff calm yet focused.

2. Let there be light

Office employees spend a lot of their time inside a building where the physical environment directly influences their well-being, work performance and productivity. They may not be able to sunbathe, but a productive office has lots of natural light to lift mood, prevent eye strain and keep concentration levels steady until the sun goes down.

3. Cool as a cucumber

One of the biggest bugbears for employees is a stuffy office. Poor air quality and rising temperatures do nothing but raise tempers and decrease productivity and collaborative working due to staff getting hot and bothered. Climate control at RTC ensures that this is never a problem and staff can work in optimum room temperatures whatever the weather.

4. Alone but never lonely

There are times when staff need their own space to fully concentrate on the task at hand, but there are also times when they need to come together to brainstorm and share ideas. Here at RTC we understand the need for separate and collaborative work areas and our ergonomic office designs reflect this need.

If you’re interested in taking a look at how RTC could benefit your business, we’d be happy to show you. Simply call our team and we’ll be glad to show you around.