Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Office Space

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Office Space

  • 1st June 2019

You might be forgiven for thinking that choosing where to site your offices should be easier than finding your dream home. Yet many, many, businesses look for office space to rent Derby without really thinking through the implications of their choice.

Not enough space

It’s natural to want to spend as little as possible on your office space, but if your lack of space stifles your company, it could be a false economy. When working out how much office space you need, allow a little room for growth – or more if you’re intending to grow over the next, say, five years. Office moves can be extremely disruptive to your operations and are best kept as infrequent as possible.

Religiously sticking to the budget

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t be careful with the pennies, just to be aware that the cheapest option isn’t necessarily going to offer you the best return on your investment. For starters, look at the extra costs that a headline cheaper price might incur. At RTC, your building maintenance, insurance, heating and electric are included in your rent, and the site offers ample car parking, 24/7 security, landscaped grounds and access to a fabulous on-site restaurant that also runs a sandwich service and can cater for meetings and conferences.

Poor-quality infrastructure

Cheap offices won’t have been refurbished and won’t offer modern standards in terms of facilities. You wouldn’t buy a house without a proper viewing and checking out the condition of the building. It’s the same with offices. It’s not enough to rent however many square feet – you need the power that doesn’t trip if someone turns on a kettle, IT infrastructure that can download emails without overloading, heating that works and rooms that don’t turn into infernos in the summer. RTC has recently completed a refurbishment programme allowing us to offer you extremely high-quality office space that has been brought right up to date with lift access, breakout hubs and a shared reception.


Due to the varied nature of the site here at RTC, we have office space for nurturing small start-ups or can offer entire floors ready for your business to arrange to suit your needs. Plus we have offices that are attached to workshops and laboratories. So, whatever you’re looking for, why not talk to our Facilities Management team about moving to RTC?