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How to Choose the Best Office Layout for Your Business

  • 12th April 2019

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When it comes to setting up your new office space, there are so many different office layouts that you could choose, and it can be hard to decide which one could be better and more efficient for your workforce. You need to consider how many employees you have, the size of your office space and even the type of work that you will be doing – some types are better suited to certain layouts of office than others. If you have been wondering which office layout would be best for your business when planning your office space in Derby, then read on.

Open Plan

The open plan is, as it suggests, very open with desks placed all within the same space. There are few smaller offices and very little in the way of barriers between the desks. This type of layout can work well for some types of business but if your employees need to make a lot of phone calls, the open plan may not work well as they may find it very distracting.

If you have a small office space, the open-plan layout may not be for your company. It can make your employees feel a little cramped and may lead to them feeling slightly more unfocused with little sense of private space.


Cubicles offer your employees their own individual workspace within a more open-plan environment. You might have a very negative image of cubicles, but surprisingly a lot of employees prefer them. They offer a quiet, focused workspace where people can get on with the task at hand without distraction, but where it isn’t challenging to discuss a work issue with a colleague should the need arise. Cubicles can be set up in all types of configuration and even the wall heights can be varied to create a more personalised space.

Huddle Room

You might not be as aware of huddle rooms as the other aforementioned types of layout. These can work really well for companies where you have a lot of mini office meetings, or “huddles”. Think of a conference room but smaller. A huddle room is usually set out with one large table, plenty of chairs and a good few whiteboards. It’s the sort of space where ideas are thrashed out, and discussions are had in order to find the right way to approach tasks. These can work exceptionally well for particular departments or companies, for example, those involved in marketing.  


If you’re starting a new business, but unsure of your office layout, here at RTC, we’d be happy to give advice. After all, we’ve helped lots of businesses with very different needs slot seamlessly into their new spaces – perhaps we can help with yours.