January Blues: How to Beat Them in Your Office

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January Blues: How to Beat Them in Your Office

  • 16th January 2017

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January, the month where the days are still short (although lengthening), you are on a diet and all those jobs at the office you put off in December are still waiting for you on your return after the Christmas break.

Your credit card is maxed out, you are trying to convince yourself that the salad you made for lunch will satisfy your hunger and yet another cold and grey day but you realise on your return to the office, that everything is the same.

Shaking off the January blues can be a case of riding out the first weeks of 2017 or, you can take decisive action to help you and your employees meet the challenge head-on. Here are our top four suggestions:

1 Company fundraiser

Rather than just plunging back into everything, why not ring the New Year in with something different? A company fundraiser, from hiking up Snowdon to sky diving over Derby, all in the name of a good cause is not only a great way of shaking those January blues but also revitalising team spirit.

2 Work to rule

Commonly associated with employment issues, working to rule is about ensuring work/life balance during a month that can be difficult for many employees. You may do this already but insist that everyone has lunch, that everyone leaves on time and no working late.

3 Celebrate achievements

The start of a new year is a chance to look back at just how much you did achieve during the previous year. You may have done this in the Christmas build-up but if you didn’t, now is the perfect time to thank people for the work they do, the effort they put in to win orders and contracts etc. If everyone is on a health kick think of an alternative, but frankly, a champagne flute of the fizzy stuff is a hands-down winner.

4 Move on

Is 2017 the year you look to relocate to RTC Business Park? To really beat the January blues you need to think outside the box and revitalise your business. If you are all cramped in a draughty, dingy office and fight over the one allocated parking space, the time has come to move to the light, modern and accessible office space in Derby.

And, you will be surprised at just how affordable space at RTC Business Park is, as well as how rejuvenating the whole moving process can be.