5 Things to Consider When Moving Office

5 Things to Consider When Moving Office

  • 24th November 2017

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Thinking of moving your business to new offices? What do you need to consider so that the move is as non-disruptive as possible to your daily business activities? Here at RTC, we’re well-versed in providing advice to businesses looking to make a move, and here, we list the most important considerations you’ll have.

1. Office design

You are moving for a reason and it may be that your current premises are no longer sufficient or meeting the demands of your business. It could be that you simply lack space.

This doesn’t mean that you should opt for the same layout. Why not take the opportunity to look at the office design that your business really needs to function? Is open-plan the way to go, for example?

2. Budget

You may have a long list of wants and needs, but unless you have the budget to accommodate them, the likelihood is you are going to need to compromise.

Once you have your long list of wants and needs, prioritise them with the most important ‘must-haves’ outweighing all the ‘it would be nice to have’. And stick to this priority list! This is a business and objective decision – think with your head, not your heart – but this doesn’t mean that there is a shortage of commercial property in Derby that fits the bill.

3. Location

Does your business need a high street presence or will out-of-town retail or industrial park be the right move? This is essentially about meeting your client and customer expectations. Where would they expect to find you and why? Consider your core staff team too. What is it they struggle with? Do you need plenty of parking, as well as strong public transport links? Consider where in the country you are based too. Could it mean a bigger relocation project to an area of the country that is attractive to the pool of talent you need to expand your business?

4. Communication

Change is tough for people to deal with and when it comes to managing staff concerns alongside relocating your business, there is no secret to success: it lies in communication.

Start talking with, listening to and consulting staff at an early stage. What do they think needs to change or what does your business premises lack? These are the people who drive your business forward and with such a lot of change on the horizon, you need to keep them informed at every stage.

5. IT and Technology

No modern business can function without IT and technology, but moving can cause major disruptions. You will need to plan who and how your business will function during this disruptive period. Speak to your IT provider – it may be possible for them to set-up some remote login access while you make the move.

With all this to consider, it’s no wonder that choosing commercial premises is up there with one of the most stressful decisions a business owner can make. If you’re looking for a space that is flexible, accommodating and can be move-in ready before you know it, then why not speak to RTC? We could have the perfect relocation solution for you.