10 Reasons You Need To Rent Commercial Property in Derby

10 Reasons You Need To Rent Commercial Property in Derby

  • 15th December 2016

commercial property available to rent in derby

Getting the right commercial premises is essential for any business. From location to a practical space that ‘fits’ your business, there are many aspects to consider.

Renting a commercial property in Derby ticks all the boxes, especially when you are part of the business community at RTC Business Park, here is why:

  1. Location –with Derby city being within easy reach of London, Birmingham and Manchester, it is the ideal location for your business.
  2. Transport Networks – from a logistical point of view, business space that is close to all major transport links and networks makes perfect sense.
  3. Affordability – want the lure of a big city but without the big city rental price? Derby has everything you would expect of a city but doesn’t come with out-of-this-world-rental costs.
  4. Attractiveness – as a business park, we understand that our occupants and their customers want and expect something more. Everything about our business park oozes quality, from the well-maintained grounds to clean and tidy public spaces.
  5. Business reputation – impressions matter. It is the cornerstone of your reputation so ask yourself this: what looks best for you and your business? Being part of a modern, well-maintained business park speaks volumes.
  6. Up and coming city – Derby is becoming recognised as the ideal place for businesses of all kinds. A great place to work and live, employees will find that they get more for their money here, with great property and rental prices that are unheard of in other cities.
  7. Property on offer – not every business needs the same business premises. Some need office space, others need a combination of office and workshop space. You may need a warehouse or even a laboratory space. At RTC Business Park, we have a mix of properties available for rent, perfect for when you need something different.
  8. Value for money – you need to keep overheads as low as possible but what you do spend, you want as much as possible. There are canteen facilities, trolley service twice daily, fantastic outside space, clean and tidy communal areas, buildings insurance and more. For every pound you spend, you get a great service in return, giving you amazing value for money.
  9. Dynamic environment – have you considered the impact a commercial property for rent in Derby within a dynamic business environment will have on your business? Look at how it has helped other businesses like yours by looking at the range of occupants of our business park.
  10. Services – every small detail is taken care of so you can concentrate on what you need to focus on: your business.

If, after reading this, you’re considering a new commercial property rental in the Derby area, then why not come and visit RTC Business Park. With everything you need right on your doorstep and a range of options available, it could be the best move your business makes.